Hanukah and Consolação

December 12, 2009

Last night, after our packed day of seeing urban agriculture in action, Scott and I went to a lovely shabbat/Hanukah dinner at Paulo and Edite’s, and then out.  Dinner with everyone was great, warm, easy conversation.  As we finished off the donuts, we felt pretty lucky, again that we have this support system here.

We went out in Consolação, first to Bar Leblon, where there was a map of our old neighborhood covering a long wall of the space.  It gave us saudades for our old stomping ground, and we sipped our drinks slowly, looking at the twenty-something crowd picking at petiscoes and drinking fruity capairinhas.

From there we went to a bar called Sonique.

It was a little clubby for us, but not that crowded when we went at midnight, and it was filled with high heels and short skirts, tight jean and white sneakers.  The music thumped, and I very much liked the industrial chic look, with smooth cement floors and cinder block walls with classy white framing.  It was a fun scene to watch and be a part of, and very different than anything we had access to in Rio.


One Response to “Hanukah and Consolação”

  1. just another ex pat passing through.. i was looking for expat blogs to add on my site feed and found yours via expat-blog.. will drop by with mie time to read through..
    gai gezunterhait

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