Photo Sharing

May 10, 2010

Here are a few photos that I’ve taken since I’ve been home that I just took off my phone.

These two were from opening day at Citizens Bank Park.  Sorry New Yorkers–I’m a Phillies fan.  Scott, Bob and I went to the first home game of the season and it was a great, gorgeous day.

Scott and I also spent a night in New York before we went to Wilmington.  I went for a stroll along the Highline before dinner and was lucky enough to catch the sunset.


Yesterday was a perfect day for a baseball game.  The sun was shining and it was opening day at Citizens Bank Park.  The field was green, everyone was excited.  Bob, Scott and I made our way into the stadium and we had a lovely afternoon watching the Phillies win, eating crab fries and cheering.

This morning I went to Philly Power Yoga, which was great, and after tearing my favorite jeans last night, went on a quest to find another pair.  I think that doing things in Philadelphia is generally easier than in New York.  I was looking for a pair of lightweight minimal sneakers to switch out with my Vibrams and went to the Philadelphia Running Store, where the people who worked there were extremely knowledgeable.  I needed black shoes to wear to the six weddings we have between now and next March and it was easy to find those as well.  After a hot, relaxing yoga class, I felt ready to bend myself into any pair of jeans that Barneys Co-Op could throw my way.  Not so simple.  It was lucky for me that Anthropologie next door had a great selection.

Now it’s back to New York to see all of our cousins for dinner!

Go Phillies

October 29, 2009

It was super fun watching the first world series game in Philadelphia last night.  I have to say at this point that I’m a real Phillies fan–it’s way more legit fandom than in New York, where Yankee Stadium was so empty by the seventh inning.

I also fell in love with the city in general.  Maybe it’s just that all of the modernist architecture in Brazil is making the old brick buildings seem unbelievably charming, but the whole city seemed to glow red and yellow in the fall sunlight.  Running through the city, it’s impossible not to love the small BYO restaurants, and shops tucked into townhouses.  Scott and I ran down to the Art Museum, and every building seemed grander and more stately than anything we had seen in a while (save for the Casa Rosada, but in a different way.)  I know I fall in love with places easily, but Philly’s feeling pretty special right now.

Tomorrow we head to Israel and I’ll pick back up with the posting.