I’m back, with news, and other things

March 17, 2014

The last time we left off, I had just started working in the pastry department at Delfina. It was a swirl of very early mornings and delicious, sweet things. Piles of sugar that got turned into syrups and candies  and caramels and flour that we sifted into cakes and rolled into long ropes of cookies. I learned a tremendous amount, and loved every minute of working with very, very talented people. I loved being in the restaurant super early in the morning with the prep boys, who could turn an artichoke or clean and filet pounds of fresh shimmering anchovies faster than I could sneeze.

At the end of February, I left. All of a sudden it was time for the next adventure, which looks something like this at the moment (not the best picture, but you get the idea):

Yes, there's a baby in there.

Yes, there’s a baby in there.

All of a sudden I’m about six months pregnant (more on that in another post), and there were bachelorette parties to attend (I think it’s better if I don’t post photos), and trips to Hawaii to take with my mom:

Snorkling Mom

And trips to Portland (where we managed to eat Pok Pok wings twice in one day) and some work to do on our house. It’s been an odd transition away from the all-consuming restaurant kitchen  into the quiet of getting ready for a really big life change. And so here we are. If nothing else, it’s time to get writing again.

In full disclosure, I’m still trying to figure out what this blog is and what it should be. Maybe at some point I’ll start another with a clearer focus, but for now, with lots of different things going on, this is what I’ve got, here I am. It may trend toward food blog, I can’t help but think I’ll include some things about being pregnant or maybe in a few months about being a new mom. We’ll see. More than anything, I’d like to use it again, the way that I did when we lived in Brazil, as a way to “show up every day.” As Molly Wizenberg advises, it’s the best way to just get writing. I love this too much not to do it, and it’s easy to just stop (as evidenced by the last year or so). Thoughts and comments are, of course, welcome. In the meantime, it’s nice to be back.


One Response to “I’m back, with news, and other things”

  1. Gi said

    Brooke!! you look adorable! Love reading your blog!

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