Pizza Hut

February 14, 2010

There wasn’t much to do today in Fortaleza. We went to Shopping Iguatemi, which bears very little resemblance to the elegant mall in Sao Paulo. The stores were closed so we went to the movie theater there. It was packed–lines for tickets snaking around the waiting area. We saw the new Mel Gibson movie, which was entertaining enough. We came back and had to switch rooms because our air conditioner was leaking, a lot (Nossa air condicionario esta chuvendo!). Our new room is a little brighter and nicer ( we’re staying in the weird business part of a regular Brazilian hotel. The two hotels have the same name and same entrance, but two reception desks.) but the Internet doesn’t work, whick kind if stinks. I went for a run and Scott tried to find us another room that had Internet, to no avail.

The highlight of our night was dinner. We just waited for twenty minutes for a table at the very clean, big Pizza Hut next to our hotel. I have to say that given our other options up here, it was delicious.


Suburban Girl

January 20, 2010

While I was at the gym today I watched a movie that was on some Brazilian station called Suburban Girl.  It starred Alec Baldwin and Sarah Michelle Geller, and was released in 2007.  I don’t remember it coming out.  It was vaguely entertaining (enough to hold my attention while on a treadmill), but generally awful.  Sarah Michelle Geller is a young publishing associate hoping to become a full-fledged editor and she falls for/ is seduced by Alec Baldwin, who is a publishing titan.  They have lunches at Michaels and quote Byron and Yeates, and walk into conversations at book parties where relationships are compared to the one between Hemingway and Fitzgerald. It’s a movie made for people like me–literary nerds, English majors.  The saddest part about the movie was that it was based on two stories from The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing, which I devoured in a single day on Venice Beach in 2000 when I visited Marshall in LA, dropped him off at work, and beelined to the sand.

It’s such a bizarre industry, and I now know that movies that don’t make it to the big screen sometimes wind up on Cine Pipoca in Brazil.  It’s competition?  Some movie I had never heard of a few channels away with Lisa Kudrow, Jennifer Garner, and Javier Bardem.

Amazon to Enwa

January 2, 2010

We just saw Avatar.  I sort of went into it not expecting much–I hadn’t read any reviews and I didn’t know the story, I just knew the technology was supposed to be amazing. It was incredible.  A natural skeptic of sci-fi, I was totally won over.  The scenario and Avatar world was fully created and my disbelief was fully suspended for all three hours.

I know this is overwrought, but it was interesting to see this movie just coming out of the Amazon–where there is sort of a terrestrial version of the Avatar world, where the earth is the lifeblood of everything, and it’s still all connected in a largely unbroken web.  The people who live in the jungle know every cricket chirp and leaf rustle.  It’s not animated, but it feels almost as pristine.

Where the Wild Things Are

October 27, 2009

After working all day yesterday and this morning, and going for a glorious, Rocky-style run to the Philadephia Art Museum, Scott and I went to go see Where the Wild Things Are. We saw it on IMAX in Cherry Hill and we were the ONLY people there.  I guess noon on a Tuesday is not the most popular time to see a movie.  It was great though.  In full disclosure, I cried twice within the first twenty minutes, and wanted to sleep in a big pile of furry suits.  While not a kids movie by any stretch, I declare, “Let the wild rumpus start!”

Two Lovers

September 19, 2009

Before I came home, Scott and I went to see Two Lovers, the new Gwyneth Paltrow and Joaquin Phoenix movie.  It was playing in Ipanema.  Scott noticed this movie poster.  As Scott pointed out, O Globo voted it little man, half standing and clapping.