Girl Crushes

April 23, 2014

I feel like I’m standing at a big window right now, and inside it’s all glowy and filled with lovely women who make delicious food, and have thousands of people reading their blogs each day. They take pretty pictures in natural light and seem like they whip up just the right thing at just the right moment. Most of them have cookbooks, or cookbooks in the works. I love these women. Their pages are the ones I turn to most often, all the time really.  

There’s Jenny from Dinner: a Love Story, who I worked with at Cookie, and Deb from Smitten Kitchen, who feels like a friend to me, as she does to so many other women who have never met her (I tried to meet her at her Omnivore Books signing and they ran out of books and the line stretched for at least a block or two). I’ve more recently become acquainted with Phyllis from Dash and Bella, who’s column on Food52 today made my eyes well up a little (I blame pregnancy), and Molly from Orangette, who people have been telling me to follow and become for years now (as if that was simple). And then there’s Heidi from 101 and Cookbooks, who I keep thinking I’ll run into in San Francisco sometime, and Joy the Baker, and Luisa, the Wednesday Chef, and Jodi from What’s Cooking Good Looking. I also just learned a little bit more about Julia Turshen over at Bonberi, whose founders are also crush-worthy. And these are just the ones I follow with some regularity. 

So my question is: How do I join this collection of women? Where do I slot in among these voices? How do I get into the warmly lit room on the other side of the glass? 


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