Happy Birthday Grandma Esther

October 5, 2012

Yesterday would have been my grandma Esther’s 90th birthday. She passed away a few years ago and I think of her often. She loved a good party, and as my mom said in an email yesterday, “what a party she would have had!’ And it’s true, she would have had a killer party for her 90th birthday. She would have loved to pick out an outfit–something a little flashy, a little gaudy (she was a woman who had long hot pink fingernails and flaming red hair for my entire life). She would have maybe complained a little about how she wished she was a bit thinner, but also note, mischievously, that she loves chocolate too much (something we share). Her feet would hurt her, but forget sneakers or sensible flats, old lady shoes, she would still wear “whichever shoes fit the outfit,” as she once famously told a doctor who questioned her footwear choices.

I thought about her yesterday morning as I boiled eggs at work. I was tasked with making tonnato sauce, not something she ever would have done, but it started with the simple act of boiling eggs. I don’t do it often, but she boiled eggs for my grandfather every single morning for more than six decades. She would serve them to him in a little egg cup, with a small spoon and one of those wire baskets (I think we would call them retro now) with some rye bread in it, some cheese, and margarine and sliced tomatoes. Now I’m picturing their house in New Milford, the one that my dad and aunt grew up in, with the worn linoleum kitchen floor and dark wood cabinets. Of course, they moved to Florida years ago.

But never mind the eggs, or their kitchen on her birthday. That would be grandma’s day to get dolled up. She’d sit down at her make up table, filled with colorful pots and tubes and cremes and dusts and she would pencil in eyebrows and eventually come downstairs sparkling. There would be a party, and there would be dancing. This year, I hope she and my grandfather are having their own party, dancing to Frank Sinatra all on their own.



2 Responses to “Happy Birthday Grandma Esther”

  1. Barbara Behar said

    Lovely memories… Wish we had had the opportunity to meet your Grandma Esther! Love, Barb and Bob

  2. Jordan said

    So many amazing, vivid details that for a second it felt like yesterday — a wonderful tribute to Grandma Esther.

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