First Day Jitters

August 21, 2012

Today is the first day of my new restaurant gig. I promised I would tell you more about it once I got back from my trip east, and, well, the restaurant is still there as is my offer, so here we go.  There has been so much that has been new and intimidating in the last few months, but it feels like a long time since I’ve been really nervous. I feel nervous now. Maybe it’s because I’ve waited so long to enter into the world of restaurants and cooking and now, here I am. I hope that I like it and that I do well. I’m very aware of just how much I have to learn, how starting from scratch I really am. It feels so different from the other jobs that I’ve started at offices and much different than school. I think after today, if it goes well, I’ll tell you all about it. Until then, trying to untie the knots in my stomach.


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