Something Like the East Village

July 12, 2012

One of the best things about the East Village in New York are the small, focused, delicious holes in the wall, all clustered close together. Luke’s Lobster, Porchetta, Caracas (yes, East 7th Street between First and A is just about the best). They make for pretty quick, not that expensive dinners–something that was harder to find in the West Village where more formal, precious places fill the storefronts. Across the country and in Hayes Valley where we live now, we have some good restaurants close by, but we also have something that reminds me so much of those small East Village places–clusters of food trucks. Three nights a week, different food trucks park in a lot near our apartment, next to the shipping container that is Smitten Ice Cream (where they use liquid nitrogen to freeze their ice cream bases, resulting in exceedingly creamy cups), and near the Ritual Coffee shipping container and the biergarten shipping container (my brother recently described Hayes as Disney San Francisco, which I thought was very funny). It’s a quick, pretty cheap way to get perfectly crafted dumplings, or curry, or sushi, or tacos, kind of like running over to Caracas.


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