A Moment of Thanks

April 4, 2012

I got back from school late last night, around midnight. The homestretch of graduate school has translated for me into group meetings, tangled thoughts that flow from paper topics, to my jigsaw puzzle schedule, to what happens after May 17th. My brain feels like a filling bathtub with the faucet turned on full blast, urgently adding more water–but it’s not all so tumultuous, it smooths out at the edges, it’s quieter deeper beneath the surface (I’m not sure if that imagery works, just  trying it out.)

I woke up early to run, like I usually do, and despite it being a perfect, clear Spring day, I didn’t feel like running. I wasn’t in the mood to dodge veering children and chatting parents, I resented the dog owners who let their leashes stretch across the sidewalk (my biggest pet peeve, literally.) I didn’t feel springy, I felt obligated, and then, looking out over the Hudson, my brain flipped. I tried to mind over matter my sluggishness. I’m lucky that I have a body that can run. I told myself. I’m grateful that it’s warm right now, and sunny. I have to say (this is such a Polly Anna-ish entry, sorry guys, it’s where my brain’s at right now), it worked. I’m free. On an even larger scale, reading about the new anti-abortion legislation passed in Georgia, I realized recently how much I take my rights for granted. It’s embarrassing how much I take my rights for granted, especially given the kind of school that I go for and how aware I am of struggles that take place close by and across the world. I wrote a whole blog entry about this, but I didn’t have the guts to post it, so you get this sort of new-agey, camped in my morning run thoughtfulness instead.

I also feel lucky that we’re about to travel again soon. Istanbul, maybe some other places in Turkey, Rome and Tuscany. Suggestions for what to eat, do and see very welcome.


One Response to “A Moment of Thanks”

  1. skarrlette said

    Just wanted to let you know that women have no reproductive rights in Brazil abortion is illegal unless your raped supposedly and good luck trying to prove that down there.

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