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April 1, 2012

I don’t usually make bathroom jokes. I’m too shy for it, and I’m generally not a funny person. Occasionally I can pull off a joke, but not really, and they’re almost never about bodily functions.

However, I do know funny people. Very, very funny people and they can smoothly talk about bathrooms and emergencies and intestinal failings and it’s hilarious. Now I know you’re probably saying, “Those kinds of jokes aren’t for me,” or “That’s not my style.” I’m asking you to give this a shot. It’ll make you laugh out loud.

Doug Mand is one of Scott’s oldest friends (they played in a band together since they were kids, their parents have the same two names, they and the rest of their friends exchange hilarious emails almost constantly). Doug is also a writer for the show How I Met Your Mother, a comedian, and the new host of a podcast called Doodie Calls With Doug Mand. The man knows some funny people (who all have trouble holding it in some time or another). And I have to say as someone who isn’t naturally inclined to bathroom discussion, as noted earlier, he brings a touching humanity to this common struggle. Download, subscribe, follow on iTunes. One caution: be careful before you have a listen on the subway, while running, or on a long car trip where there’s no bathroom in sight.

You can also follow Doug on Twitter here


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