Spacial Relations

February 6, 2012

“Pay attention to where you are in space.”

I just took a class with one of my favorite teachers (in movement, and life, and thinking) who repeated this a few times over the course of the hour. She does it every class, and every time I privately commit to it–this will be my mantra (along with standing up straight) for when I walk out of this sunny studio and continue on with my day. I will keep this in mind as I walk down the street, or down the hallway at school, or as I try not to bump into stationary things that are always there in my apartment. It’s hard. I’m clumsy, I get distracted, I check my email on my phone and text people while I’m walking just like everyone else. Sometimes I see things in store windows that I slow down to look at, sometimes without paying attention to who’s around me. Those people must be annoyed when they have to pause and veer around the person who stopped paying attention, for a second.

It’s a good challenge to carry in your pocket. It’s fun, even, to pay attention to how your feet hit the ground, how that feeling reverberates up your bones and really does make you stand a bit a taller (sorry Kayleigh, I feel like I’m stealing your show, I hope it’s okay). Imagine if everyone was mindful of where they are in space, like we are in cars. We (almost) always know where we are if we’re in a car, because it’s dangerous and expensive not to. Imagine what this crowded city would look like, how fluidly people would move through the streets, along the conveyer belt of Bleecker Street on a Saturday afternoon or the Highline, or Times Square. It’s a thing I’m going to keep trying to pay attention to, along with making an effort to be patient when other people aren’t mindful. Maybe it’ll make things better. As a friend of mine said last night, “New York is probably the only place in the world where you get mad at someone for, you know, standing on the sidewalk.”


One Response to “Spacial Relations”

  1. […] was discussing my post about knowing where you are in space, and my wise husband made a good point. Driving in cars lure people into a false sense of security. […]

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