In the Kitchen

February 1, 2012

I read this article, “My Sons, the Sous-Chefs,” this morning and really liked it. I didn’t just like that it was  nice story about a mother and her sons, which it was. I have to say that the first thing I thought was that these kids were going to be rockstar chefs who have their own restaurants at nineteen years old. Then once I got over my own anxiety about how old I am (not that old, but safely out of any kind of prodigy range for just about anything), I realized that the main thing this mother is doing is empowering her children. She’s giving her sons the responsibility of nourishing their family, and the space (mostly) to try something and have it maybe not work out, with a very minimal downside. These kids are also now in a situation where they have to think about what goes into their food and where their food comes from. The last great thing about this? The kids will eventually realize, in a very Mark Bittman way, that cooking can just be preparing food, it doesn’t have to be cooking, with expensive ingredients and complicated steps, and it doesn’t have to be eating processed foods, ordering in, or going out , either. It’s an idea that Bittman advocates over and over again, and it’s nice to see this mother taking food lightly enough that she’s willing to let her sons jump into the kitchen twice a week, while teaching them about balance and healthful choices. If many mothers did this, I imagine the next generation would be better positioned to eat thoughtfully as they grow and have their own families.



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