Park City in General, Sundance Specifically

January 30, 2012

Here’s what you missed: My brother, Marshall, wrote and directed a movie called California Solo. It was officially selected by the Sundance Film Festival, and so as an admiring and supportive sister (and brother-in-law) we made the trip to Park City, Utah to be there for the worldwide premiere of Marshall’s, beautiful, honest, impressive movie.

Without going through the play by play of the trip, here are some highlights: We landed in Salt Lake City on Wednesday afternoon and I’m not sure what I was expecting, but I certainly hadn’t imagined snowy mountains ringing the city, faceted like intricately folded origami. The road to Park City slipped along a valley between peaks and being in the mountains of the American west made me smile involuntarily. Even better than the beautiful scenery was the added surprise that Heather and Baby Bea made the trip for the premiere.

On Wednesday night we were driven by a Sundance driver (fancy) to the Eccles Theater, where we proceeded to watch Robert Carlyle’s brilliant performance. After a Q&A session we found ourselves, amusingly, in a 7000 square foot mansion that was nearly empty for the after party. It was surreal to be in the middle of nowhere (someone in our car said that she had been coming to Park City for years and had no idea where we were) at a fairly happening party with hot girls behind the bar. Lots of things about the film industry are baffling. This was one of them.

The next day, we skied. I’ve been skiing since I was eight, but only really in Vermont. This was a completely different experience. The best way that I can describe it is that skiing on the east coast involves gripping, tension, constant awareness of icy patches and the skiers and snowboarders around you. It’s narrow, smaller, windy, cold. Gliding through the powder in Park City was illuminating, expansive.

I hope Marshall keeps making such great movies for his own sake, but Park City during Sundance, with empty slopes during the day and smart, interesting movies in the evenings was pretty satisfying, too. It was a perfect lucky strike extra vacation.


One Response to “Park City in General, Sundance Specifically”

  1. Janice Winter said

    How lucky can you be to have such a fabulous experience!! Unfortunately I was advksed not to make the trip. I appreciate your Blog.. I can just visuallize everything as I read it.. Good Luck to Marshall.


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