Up and Running Again

January 21, 2012

School started again this past week, my final semester. It was hectic and uncertain. I walked into the SIPA building on Tuesday morning not really registered for anything (seriously) and nervous about whether and how I was going to pull choosing classes off. I partly wasn’t registered because the classes I wanted were full, but they were full because I never really focused on what classes I wanted to take. Over winter break I was focused on lots of things–our trip to California, my new niece, the report I was writing for the Greenmarket, practicing my knife skills. Not school. By Wednesday evening, it had all come into focus, and somehow, quite happily, all of my classes fell into place and I believe that I will graduate with a masters, understanding how to step into the next part of my life, realizing what that might take and how I might get there. I’m not sure I’ve ever quite felt that way before. (Cut to the Dirty Dancing Lift).

On Wednesday we’re going to Sundance!  I can’t wait to see Marshall’s movie…


2 Responses to “Up and Running Again”

  1. Janice Winter said

    I’m so glad everything worked out the way you wanted it to.

    Good Luck to Marshall. I wish I could have joined you at the film festival. Let’s hope California Solo will be a huge success!! Love to all,

    Grandma Janice

  2. Robert Behar said

    Best of luck to Marshall. Way to go!

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