Three-quarters Done

December 19, 2011

I’m three-quarters done with graduate school. It seems hard to believe, sort of shocking that in the last year and a half, since returning from Brazil, I have done three semesters of graduate school, lived in two apartments, had two internships, a marriage proposal and a wedding (!) I’ve written a gagillion words and read even more pages and I now understand things that I thought were unavailable to me, things that only certain, smarter, more curious people could know. Turns out not only am I allow to know them, too, but I can understand them well.

We watched Margin Call last night. It was wonderful for many different reasons–it’s subtlety and nuance, the skill of the acting, the tact that the director and writers took in framing the beginning of the crisis. It also allowed me to test how well I learned something that perhaps in the past I might not have felt allowed to know, to explore, something that belonged in the realm of my father and brothers, Scott and the Business section of the New York Times, the Bloomberg channel that I flipped past. In this last few years I turned on a part of my brain made me hesitate before. It’s comforting to know that it’s not ever going to be turned off, this dark corner is now illuminated.


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