All Those Coupons

December 15, 2011

I have pretty much unsubscribed from every coupon email list around. It was too many emails, too much lost money in expired opportunities–surf lessons in Rockaway, juice cleanses, hair treatments. However, as I learned last night, they do contribute anecdotal value. Perhaps that’s their main function.

Last night my friend Suzie invited me and Scott to what we both thought was a normal dinner at a brick oven pizza place somewhere in the East Village. Her coupon was a gift from a deal-loving relative, and it was going to expire at the end of the week. Excited to catch up with my friends, I was game. It turned out that the place was way up on the Upper East Side, and it was a wine tasting. It was one of the strangest things–we were led to a dim back room with tables around the edge and bad art on the walls. There was a table with wines in the center and a pseudo-Italian man pacing us around telling us what we were drinking. There was no list, no place to spit out the generous pours and no water. There wasn’t much food (bad when you’re tasting cheap wine at 9pm with no dinner) until they brought out pizza toward the end. There were other people there to use their soon-to-expire coupons as well–a group of fratty-ish guys and a foreign woman and her mother, dolled up in a tight black dress for a night on the town. The whole event was hilarious. They sent us each home with a bottle of Shiraz.

As a result of this coupon, I went to a part of the city I haven’t been in for probably a year, I got to spend some time with my friend and her boyfriend, and I laughed a lot, which is always worth something. Perhaps I was too quick to unsubscribe from all of those coupon lists. Perhaps the threat of expiring coupons is the push that we need to go have silly, unpredictable experiences that make for good (or maybe not so good), stories.


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