Hello, sweet friend

June 29, 2011

A lot has happened between then and now (then being whenever you want it to be–yesterday, the last time you read this blog, Brazil. The then I had in mind was about a year and a half ago when I visited Hans’ garden out on the eastern edge of Sao Paulo. Or maybe it was last summer when we lived in Brooklyn and I made it a point to buy vegetables at the Cadman Plaza farmer’s market). It’s only now that I’m writing this that I realize how much I’ve learned since then, how dramatically my philosophy on food and exercise and being outside have changed. The importance of awareness.

I mostly stopped writing here, in this space, because I don’t think what I think about New York is even minimally interesting. There are 22 million people living in New York, and all of them have their own stories, their own lenses and filters. Maybe something that began as a way to keep in touch with people I love (or those who wanted to know that we were safe or adventurous while living in the southern hemisphere) will turn into a space for me to learn how to write again, to practice the way that I should be. We’ll see. No promises.

My interests in delicious, fresh food finally turned into growing things today. It’s not much, just a few two dollar terracotta pots, a little bit of (definitely inorganic, chemical laden) potting soil (where does one find soil in New York City if not the Archie’s hardware store on 14th Street east of Seventh Avenue?), and six little herbs from the Union Square greenmarket. Basil, rosemary, mint, thyme and parsley. For now they look pretty on my fire escape and it gave me a glimpse of a lush green terrace I might have sometime. Again, we’ll see. I hope I can keep these little guys alive. Tomorrow, when it’s light out, I’ll take a picture.


One Response to “Hello, sweet friend”

  1. CA said


    I am not porguese native, but I guess the correct title of your blog would be:

    Menina no Rio

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