Fall Resolutions

October 18, 2010

I’m sorry it’s been well over a month since I last posted, but life was pretty quiet for a while, and then got extremely busy. Now as I sit trying to write my first real paper of graduate school on the theories of international relations, I am sufficiently willing to procrastinate.

Too much has been going on to give a full recap, but I think with the brisk fall weather I’ll make a resolution to start posting more often again. I still don’t believe that what I think about New York is all that interesting, so I’ll try my best to focus on small bits of captivating information. Sound good?

In the meantime, here are some photos to fill the space:

This is what our kitchen table looks like right now. I forgot how many beverages paper writing requires. It feels a bit like college, but quieter, a little more orderly, and because we’re in Brooklyn and the library is all the way uptown, more solitary.

On Thursday last week, I went to see Waiting for ‘Superman.’ It was depressing and inspiring all at once. Pretty overwhelming. Go see it.  There are many more people that can write about education reform more intelligently than I can, so I think I shouldn’t, but really, our system is so broken, and it’s incredible that a few (not all charter schools are successful) charter schools are making a significant impact. My parents were there, too (they’re connected to the SEED school in Washington, DC, which is featured in the film), and my mom brought a bag of assorted stuff from their house. She also stuck in these small green apples. When I bit into one, it was pink! Like a watermelon! Turns out blush apples are extremely delicious.

And I made my first Yom Kippur break fast this year for me, Scott and Marshall.


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