HouseWarmingEngagementBirthday Party

July 27, 2010

Scott and I had a lot to celebrate this weekend, and I, in fact had the best birthday I’ve had in as long as I can remember. Saturday morning (my birthday) we woke up and went for a run, had some breakfast and ran errands to get ready for our HouseWarmingEngagementBirthday Party on Saturday night. I made frosting and frosted cupcakes (using my friend Noah’s mom’s recipe), I made skewers with mozzerella and tomatoes, and others with watermelon, feta, and mint. We hung out and relaxed a little in our air-conditioned apartment since it was 100 degrees outside. We went to pick up a picture that we bought at Choque Cultural in Sao Paulo that Scott had dropped off on Atlantic Avenue to get framed last week. With pretty much everything ready to go, we dashed up to Franny’s for a quick, delicious pizza dinner and then back to Brooklyn Heights. Our friends started arriving and I dare say that the first party that Scott and I threw together was a success. People came, they mingled, ate and drank, stayed until 4am and I think generally had a good time. Guests, if you’re reading, and you didn’t have a good time, I take comments and suggestions for next time.

It’s nice to know that our apartment comfortably holds a lot of people, our neighbors haven’t come to yell and shout (although we did bring a preemptive bottle of wine to the couple who live downstairs). Perhaps we’ll have another gathering soon…


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