Progression on Bergen

July 13, 2010

There’s a small stretch of Bergen Street in Park Slope between Fifth Avenue and the diagonal of Flatbush. I’ve run up it a couple of times and am always amused by the progression of stores there. There are two hip clothing boutiques, one for men and one for women. Next door to these troves of swingy jersey dresses and plaid button-downs is Babeland, a cute, space-y looking sex shop. To the left, a maternity store with said swingy jersey dresses, with space to bulge in the middle.  Next door: Lulu Lemon Athletica. Finally, a bicycle shop carrying bicycles for both grown-ups and little guys. What does this mean to me? Well when I was at Cookie there was a bit of joke that New Yorkers crossed the East River to spawn. This sequence of shops, to me, says: buy a stylish outfit to go on a date, eventually you may peruse Babeland, after which you will become pregnant and will need the maternity clothes. When you’re done being preggers, buy some workout gear to stretch and yoga and pilate away the baby weight, and afterwards, you and the spawn can go bike riding together around Prospect Park.


One Response to “Progression on Bergen”

  1. GRAND PA JOSE said

    fast imagination at work!!!!

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