Go Brasil!!

June 25, 2010

Walking to the subway from my yoga place in Soho, I happened to pass Cafe Felix on West Broadway just as the second half of the Brazil v. Portugal game was beginning. I’ve watched futebol there before, four years ago, sitting at a table, eating lunch.  This time, the doors were flung wide open and there were people in Brazil yellow and green everywhere.  Someone even had a vuvuzela (sorry, can’t pretend I like them, it was annoying as hell.)  It was a super fun place to watch the second half of the game, and even though the final score was zero zero, the Brazilian Portuguese broadcast gave me saudades.  Valeooooo!


2 Responses to “Go Brasil!!”

  1. Suzanna said

    Hi Brooke!
    O mundo é um ovo! . . . so funny you know DJ! Also, we can sympathize with the dislike of the vuvuzelas! Why do Brazilians love them so much??? I’m also pumped to hear that there is so much support for soccer in the U.S. right now!
    – Suzanna

  2. Edite said

    We´re playing again on Monday. Take a look at the Stadium (orange sector, please) you´ll see André and
    Eduardo holding a large band, written:
    Coji e Kuperman

    Tá na Copa
    Tá na Globo

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