The Proof is in the Yolk

June 24, 2010

For the past few days, I’ve been eating eggs from the farmer’s market. They’re a whole different ball game than the supermarket ones. Actually, the last dozen I think I bought at Peas and Pickles, the bodega near us. When you crack these fresh, fresh eggs open, the yolks are bright orange. They’re not extra large eggs, not the jumbo ones that are almost two packed into one. They’re demure. I usually hate egg yolks. They’re unctuous and runny, or chalky and yellowy gray. I never eat them unless the eggs are scrambled all together.  Oh, I can appreciate mopping up poached egg yolk with toast, but since toast isn’t in my allowed foods these days (long story), they’re pretty useless.  But these yolks, baked in tomato sauce as I just these eggs, are velvety, cheery.  A whole different egg.


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