Brooklyn Flea

June 19, 2010

Scott and I had a really great Saturday. It’s the first time we’ve been in New York for a weekend in a long time and it was nice to be here, to be in our apartment, in this new neighborhood. I went for a run and while dodging strollers was pretty proud to live in a place that has so many cool restaurants I want to explore. It was a gorgeous, breezy, sunny day and it was just awesome to be outside.

We walked to the Brooklyn Flea Market in Fort Greene next. It’s half artisanal food–cheese, tacos, pastries, pork, bagels with lox. There was an article written about people who make treats for the flea markets out of their homes. I was impressed, and wished I could eat a little more than the hibiscus iced tea. The other half is jewelry, tee shirts, antiques, some junk, but mostly really cool stuff, well curated. Then the walk home, and a stop at the Cadman Plaza farmer’s market for more delicious, cheap blueberries and now out to dinner with Andrew and Amy.  Oh, and our apartment is now free of any stray boxes full of stuff.  Wahoo!


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