In the District

June 6, 2010

We were in Washington, DC this weekend for my friends’ Callie and Rob’s wedding.  It was beautiful, perfect, and extremely them.  She looked gorgeous and ethereal and Rob gave a fantastic toast and they both found time to really talk to all of their guests and dance and have fun.

It was nice to be in Washington, too and to see my closest college girls.  It’s been a long time and I hadn’t realized how much I needed it.  It felt incredible to sit on Emily’s screened-in porch and sip wine and eat cheese and grapes and catch up with each other.  We live so far apart (New York, New Orleans, Charlottesville, and San Francisco) and there’s no question that we have more ways to keep in touch than ever before, but it’s not the same as all sitting there together, trading stories, talking about jobs and relationships, laughing at ourselves from before.

I also have to say that DC, and particularly Georgetown, is one of the most homogenous places I’ve ever been.  Everyone looks the same!

Also, one last thing.  Zach sent me a photo album of Yanni today.  He’s too perfect not to include in this post.


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