Vermont in the Springtime

May 29, 2010

We’re up in Vermont for the long weekend. It’s beautiful up here, and nostalgic for me, since we’ve been coming here since I was about eleven. I feel like I know every turn in the road, all of the smells, the way it warms up in the middle of the day and cools off at night. It’s different now though. The house used to seem so new compared to the 100-year-old house that I grew up in, now it shows signs of aging. I’m here with Scott and don’t sleep in the short, small bed in the bedroom I used to sleep in as a kid. I picked the green furniture with sunflowers painted on it and the yellow color for the walls, and now it’s not even mine any more. It is still familiar though, and I can’t wait to go run and walk on the dirt roads and go to the big old movie theatre in town. Oh, and the General Store burnt down, which is wild.


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