Zip Car

May 24, 2010

We had our first foray into Zip Car yesterday. I signed up on Friday and went to their office to pick up my card in possibly one of the least fun places to be in the city (31st and Broadway), especially when it’s 85 degrees.  We had initially reserved a car for the afternoon to go to the amazing furniture place in Greenpoint (whose name I still won’t disclose) and wound up switching plans to go to Philadelphia for Barbara’s birthday.  Yesterday morning we woke up, walked over to Montague Street, got in a little red Mazda and drove the 99 miles.  After a great day with the Behars (and maybe the most delicious carrot cake cupcakes I have ever had) we drove back, filling up the gas tank with their gas card and blowing through the EZ Pass lanes with their included EZ Pass.  A few hours later we were back in Brooklyn.  We dropped off the car, locked it back up with my card and we were done.  It was pretty damn easy.  So far? Pretty impressed.


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