Red Hook

May 17, 2010

Yesterday I found myself in Red Hook while I was running.  I had hugged the water and eventually wound up running past some old warehouse buildings and in a matter of minutes was in front of some aggressively hipster bars on Van Brunt Street.  Then there was a nursery, lush with plant life and kitchy wooden signs.  Just beyond that was Fairway, which I guess I knew was there, I had just forgotten.  There was a revived pier with outdoor seating and an art show in an old building with huge leaded windows.  The cool thing about Brooklyn, I’m finding, is that there’s odd history here. Parts of it are just becoming new, where as Manhattan is either all fixed up, advertises its history, or is still kind of ugly (I’m thinking the area around Penn Station, or the 1970s high rises of Murray Hill.)  In Brooklyn, you can see a building with a tiny hidden plaque that says the bricks are reclaimed from an old granary.  The ports still feel like they get used.  A little farther down I wound up at Ikea Plaza.  Not as sweet, or historic.  In some ways though, Red Hook felt like new, uncharted territory, a whole entirely new place for me.


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