Procuring Edibles

May 16, 2010

Sort of by accident, yesterday wound up being a day for procuring food.  Scott and I walked up to Grand Army Plaza in the sunshine to go to the Greenmarket.  Now that we’re settled and have a kitchen of our own, I’m excited to really indulge my Omnivore’s Dilemma kick. We’ll see how it goes.  From there I went to meet Emily far east in the East Village and we wandered through downtown, stopping at Pulino’s, the new Keith McNally pizza place on Bowery and Houston for a crackly thin crust pizza smeared with tomato sauce and scattered with sweet shrimp and fennel.  We paused at Emily’s adorable new apartment and then set out for Chelsea Market, where she wanted to buy ingredients for dinner.  It was a fun reminder of how delicious New York is, everywhere, all the time.  I think I’ll go crack open one of my Ronnybrook yogurts for breakfast and eat it with some Greenmarket strawberries.


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