Happy Birthday, Seymour

April 28, 2010

We just returned from four days in Wilmington, North Carolina.  It was Scott’s grandfather’s 95th birthday and last night there was a cocktail party for him.  Every other time we’ve gone to Wilmington (this was my fourth) we’ve stayed at the beach, but since Bubbe and Grandpa hadn’t moved into the apartment yet, we stayed in town with them, in the house that they moved to fifty years ago.  The house is like a time warp, in the best way, with a sunny breakfast room and comfortable den, separated by a massive living room/sun room built for Scott’s parents’ wedding in the 1970s.  We slept in uncle Johnny’s room, the one at the top of the stairs, with three single beds lined up, meant for returning grandchildren.  I went running around the neighborhood a few times, taking in the summery breeze, the giant magnolia trees that formed a canopy over the street, laced with spanish moss.

The party was wonderful.  Scott’s grandparents are pros–having thrown dinners and cocktail soirees for visiting musicians (Yizhak Perlman among them).  Classy feels too generic for them–they’re wonderful, charming, caring people with extremely interesting friends.  While there were some awkward moments as there always are in schmoozing with the elderly–some of the stories were extraordinary.  I was just glad I could be there with Scott and his family.  Happy Birthday, Seymour!


One Response to “Happy Birthday, Seymour”

  1. Edite said

    I would have liked to be there too!
    P.S. We were invited to Bob&Barbara´s wedding!
    It was an entire week-end of celebrations,and we know about the extended living-room, it was made because of Bob&Barb`s low pofile, they wanted the ceremony very cosy, just for a few and choosed guests.. (Bad we could not attend, and Bob´s mother never forgived us.We were far away…)Clara told us in details about every party!INCREDIBLE
    Chega de passado, vamos ao futuro.
    Shabbos Dinner, we ´ll have you on Brooke&Scott´s seats,remember? Can´t you join us this Friday? Love

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