Dred Scott

April 22, 2010

Scott and I saw Chief Justice Breyer speak last night, thanks to my dad’s involvement with the New York Historical Society.  We spent the car ride into the city talking about the finance reform bill and Obama’s possible appointees for Justice Stevens seat, wondering which he would address.  Neither.  He gave a lecture on the Dred Scott case.  He was a wonderful speaker–very professorial and funny, and it’s been a while since I brushed up on my Supreme Court Cases from 1857.  It was great.  As it followed another manual driving lesson, it was a very educational day.

We went to the uptown Fatty Crab for dinner afterward with Emily, Scott’s sister.  I had the same impression I always do and always forget about.  While the flavors of the food are always good, it’s pretty inaccessible and hard to eat.  You get big pieces of things, but no knife, and super sticky or saucy things that you’re supposed to eat with your hands, but nothing to clean your hands with.  How are you supposed to eat chicken wings with chopsticks?


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