An Invasion

April 21, 2010

I went this morning to Debbie Frank–it’s exactly the same as the core fusion/yoga place, Exhale, that I go to in the city, but it’s the suburban version.  Usually the classes are filled with women my mom’s age who go all the time.  They talk about their college aged kids and mostly just want to stretch out, get a workout and get on with their days.  I don’t know what happened today, but the class was packed with women in their early thirties.  Perfect bodies, giant engagement rings and flashy wedding bands, and they chatted and squawked the whole time about how they’ve lost their bodies since they had babies and all of the different exercise classes that they go to at Equinox.  It was an entirely different seen.  I didn’t exactly know how to react, except in some ways I was disgusted, and in others I felt like a freshman in high school again, looking at the cool senior girls, wondering what I would be like when I got to that stage.  I know I won’t be in the suburbs, but is Brooklyn any different?


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