Barefoot Running, Reconsidered

April 20, 2010

Running since I’ve gotten home has been challenging.  First I thought it was the cold.  I started going to Exhale again, and was feeling pretty strong.  Then running in my Vibrams all over Philadelphia and around Larchmont was hurting my feet.  I went to the Philadelphia Runner shop and talked to a woman there about intermediary shoes between the flat flat Vibrams and my clunky Asics.  I walked out with a new pair of snazzy, lightweight runners. I thought they were great the first time I used them, trotting through Center City and along the path beside the Schuylkill River.  After my last couple of runs, I’m worried that the combination of core fusion/yoga/pilates and barefoot running isn’t quite agreeing with my body. I used to love running (and I still do!), but now it’s not coming that easily to me.  Five miles feels difficult, not on my lungs, but my legs feel dead every time.  Sadly, I may have to return to the old clunkers, we’ll see.


One Response to “Barefoot Running, Reconsidered”

  1. Hello Menina,

    Good post and glad to see you are giving barefoot running a try. However, the way you have gone about it (literally, jumping in with both feet), is causing you some trouble. You should create a barefoot running plan that gives you at least three months to transition. You will be very happy you did. In this case, it seems you have simply done too much too fast. I am writing a barefoot running book that you might find interesting. It will be published by Penguin in 2011. Please check out our site at, join us on facebook, follow our tweets, and we can give you some advice. Don’t give up yet : ) We are just getting the Website all set up, so there are already some good articles to read. Step back, take it slow, and give your poor feet time. They will thank you later! Thanks! Thomas at

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