Brazilians for Lunch

April 18, 2010

We had the cousins over for lunch yesterday.  My mom wanted everything to be perfect.  She’s a proud hostess, and after reading and hearing about life in their Sao Paulo and Belo-Horizonte homes, she was determined to show she could lay everything out perfectly, too.  It was a bit of a carb-a-palooza, with bagels and smoked salmon, coffee cake, croissants (chocolate and regular), quiche, fruit, salad, dessert.  It was fun to have them all here at my parents house, for my parents to finally meet them.  They filled the house with gifts and their voices, and stories.  I can’t thank the cousins enough for coming, for allowing this meeting to happen, for the sides of my family to come together and share a meal, put faces with names.


3 Responses to “Brazilians for Lunch”

  1. Giovanna said

    Wish I was there Brooke!
    My mom had an amazing time!
    She just told us about it all!

  2. Edite said

    Hi Brooke, we loved the time we had together, and wanted to thank you for sharing your home,your lovely parents, your elegant house and your unique life with us!

    What a wonderful family, que maravilhoso brunch vc preparou especialmente para nós,simples primos brasileiros. Obrigadíssimas!

    Why do I have this feeling of beeing you and your mom´s best friends since ???

    Love you today more than yesterday, less then tomorrow!(that´s what my grandchildren tell me when they like very much something I do for them)
    Agora eu digo o mesmo para vcs. e acreditem
    esta foi a melhor maneira que eu encontrei de dizer meu muito obrigado a todos vcs, que nos são tão queridos!

    Beijos paulistas, com saudades de vcs.NY is another
    city when you are there. Lots of love, no good-byes!
    See you alllllllllll very soon.

  3. Marjory said

    Hi brooke I loved being with you Scott and your parents. It was an unforgatable day!
    Thank you!
    The food was excelent…and the day too

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