Stick Shift

April 12, 2010

Since I’ve gotten home, Scott has been teaching me how to drive stick.  When he was living in Boston, we took one spin around a suburban parking lot, and it went pretty well. Nearly two years later, after watching Scott drive through Brazil, it’s clear that I needed to learn.  We’ve been using his sister’s Jetta, and one day last week we tootled around Larchmont, practicing in the manor.  It was a beautiful day, and I only got into trouble once, where I had to stop at a stop sign on a slight hill.  A woman with a stroller crossed the street just behind me and was not happy when I rolled back the tiniest bit by accident.  I promise, I don’t actively try to hit babies.  

Today, I wanted to practice more.  Since we’re on our way to the Phillies game, we didn’t have a lot of time, and definitely not enough time to drive to the suburbs, so it was Society Hill, Philadelphia or nothing.  It was too big a  jump.  I was terrified, I stalled.  I forgot everything I had learned.  I think we need a good middle ground first.


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