The Anti-Feira

April 4, 2010

This morning my mom and I went to yoga, and then she had to stop to buy some fruits and vegetables, so we went to the ‘fruit place,’ that she goes to for produce.  It’s called Larchmont Farms or something, and we walked in and looked at all of the leafy greens and orbs of citrus and apples.  Some of it looked good, but most of it looked kind of sad.  The abundance wasn’t there, the freshness.  A lot of it looked tired.  We bought all of the things that she needed, included two mangoes.  One was rock hard and sort of stringy and the other was okay, but they all taste dusty.  They’re picked so unripe in Brazil and then by the time they get here, they just get softer.  The flavor doesn’t develop.  The strawberries don’t taste like much either.  I miss Brazilian fruits.


One Response to “The Anti-Feira”

  1. edite said

    Who helped you? did you miss pacaembu,s feira?
    what fruit shall I take You? saudades, beijos.

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