Apartments, Tears, Dinner and Out

April 3, 2010

We spent yesterday looking for apartments again.  We walked all over the Upper West Side with a few different brokers, looking at one shoebox after another.  Some had gorgeous kitchens, others had big outdoor spaces, some were on the top floor of sixth floor walk ups.  None were perfect.  We walked up to 89th street, to an apartment that we had seen that Scott liked that I was luke warm on.  I tried to sell myself on the area.  We stopped, exhausted, to get a drink at a restaurant and regroup and I burst into tears.  I realized I didn’t want to live up there, and Scott never had, he just felt like it made the most sense considering I had gotten into Columbia.  So we switched gears, drove down to Brooklyn Heights and looked at my parents’ friends’ son’s apartment that he’s moving out of soon.  It’s a 1300 square foot loft.  The commute will be a drag at times, I’m sure, but it’s kind of a no brainer. Scott and I have talked about getting an enormous dining table and having weekly Friday night dinners at our place.  Friends, will you come out to Brooklyn?

We left Brooklyn, elated and went to dinner with a big group of my high school friends.  I can’t say this emphatically enough–it was so good to see them.  I hadn’t realized how much I missed having friends–close friends, friends I know well and have known for a long time.  It really felt like coming home.  Later on I met up with friends from school, some visiting from Vancouver and caught up with them as well, before meeting up with Scott and his friends again.  The Lower East Side and East Village were packed–maybe because it was such a beautiful day, maybe it was Spring fever, but it seemed like everything was so alive and pulsing almost.  I know I won’t get many of those first nights back after so long and I’ve seen almost everyone now, but it just felt so special.


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