Assaults and Magazines

March 30, 2010

Having just arrived at the Miami airport, I have to say I feel sort of assaulted by America, in both good and bad ways. I forgot that things generally move more efficiently here, there isn’t the same tolerance for waiting on line. Oh yeah, and it’s also FREEZING. I think if I feel this way in the Miami airport I’m in trouble for New York.

CNN is on every TV and there are quite a lot of chain restaurants– Nathans, Au Bon Pain– that I’m not sure what to do with. The commercials on CNN remind me of a story that I produced for Cookie a few years ago, and the name Coconut Grove comes floating back. Researching that piece seems like so long ago.

Ahhh, and the magazines. I just stood at the newstand, looking at all of the English titles, the number of subjects covered. Awestruck. I want to read them all now, consume them at once, but I’m waiting–maybe my mom saved me Vogueand Bon Appetit, my dad the Economist.


One Response to “Assaults and Magazines”

  1. Edite said

    Did you read them all? keep them.
    How´s the weather?

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