Estamos na Praia

March 27, 2010

Lindsay and I had a nice, easy beach day.  After leaving Sao Paulo and the family and lugging all of my stuff for a year back to Rio, it was nice to relax, people watch, walk around, poke in and out of stores.  I’m loving experiencing this with Lindsay after being here with Scott and some of our other friends. It was breezy today here and not too hot.  Rio is nearly back to how I remember it when we lived here, before it became a steaming, crowded mess.  It’s lovely.  I just went for a run along Leblon and Ipanema to Arpoador, and it was just so nice to be back in the familiar cadence, with the sounds of people having fun, laughing.

I keep trying to anticipate what I will feel when I leave Brazil.  I think I’ve gotten more used to living here than I think–the pace of life, speaking another language most of the time, the food, the people.  Parts of it, I’ll be very sad to leave. The two things I’m looking forward to most are being close to the people that I love, and being in a bed that’s mine, in a space where I can unpack all my stuff and quit living out of suitcases.

I also wonder what I should do with this blog once I leave.  Any thoughts? Suggestions?  It’s partially for me–a  way to chronicle our experience, but mostly for you, and more for you now that the Brazil adventure is coming to a close, for the time being.


One Response to “Estamos na Praia”

  1. Gloria Papi said

    Hi, Brooke. I found your blog to be VERY interesting! I relate to many of your experiences because I’ve lived in Sao Paulo for a couple of years. At first I found it to be an ugly gray place and I didn’t know what to expect from it. But once I started experiencing the city I just fell in love with it. I just found out that Sao Paulo doesn’t show itself so openly like other more traditional touristic destinations, like Rio, for example. It HAS to be explored and “conquered”. Sao Paulo is that kind of place that grows on you if you give it a chance. A Parisian friend of mine whom lived in Sao Paulo for five years told me the other day that he has been depressed because he missed his Paulista life so much. I knew exactly what he meant! As for your Blog, I hope you don’t stop writing it, because it would be very interesting and educational to know about HOW you will feel back home as I believe that you are not the same person you were before your Brazilian adventures. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us and keep up with the good job! Be happy, my dear.

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