Last Night in Sao Paulo

March 26, 2010

Lindsay and I got back to Sao Paulo this afternoon, and embarked on my last night in Sao Paulo.  We went to Jardims to visit the Havaiana store and stroll down Oscar Freire one last time.  We had a swanky drink at the Unique to take in the view and then went to the one restaurant in Sao Paulo that I really wanted to try that we never went to.  La Mar, a Peruvian ceviche place, was great, with fresh, cool ceviche.  From there we walked around Itaim and to Sao Bento, another one of our favorites, and then to Brascan Plaza, where Scott and I lived here.

Now we’re back at Paulo and Edite’s and I’m trying to prepare myself to say goodbye tomorrow before we go to Rio.  I just can’t believe it’s all ending.  I have serious saudades.


One Response to “Last Night in Sao Paulo”

  1. Giovanna said

    I have serious saudades too!

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