Juquehy with Lindsay!

March 24, 2010

My apologies for not writing for a few days, I haven’t been near my computer much.

A brief, iPhone-sized update. Monday Elen hosted a wonderful birthday lunch for herself and had the whole family over. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at Karen’s and yesterday morning we went to go see the new Andy Worhol exhibit at Pinacoteca. It was interesting to see all of those iconic images–the soup cans, the Marilyns, the videos of Edie Sedwick–in person. There was also a guide giving tours to all of the maintenance staff and cleaners, which struck both of us as so sweet. All of these people are surrounded by all of this art everyday, and it’s a world away from what they know.

After stopping to pick up the rental car, Lindsay arrived (!) from Chile. We had a lovely lunch with Paulo and Edite and then hit the road for Juquehy. The drive was easy, and we’re back at the same hotel we stayed at with Claire and Lucy. It’s blissful here. The weather is perfect, the hotel and beach are both empty. It’s amazing to catch up with and spend time with such a close friend.

Tomorrow we drive back to Sao Paulo to spend a night in the city and then it’s on to Rio on Friday. Monday the Brazilian adventure is over (for now!) and I head back to New York…


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