We’re Famous!

March 21, 2010

The Thursday before last I went with Edite to the feira at the Praca Charles Miller.  I wrote about it that day–talking about how she was the queen, which she is.  I also mentioned at the end of the post that we were interviewed by Folha de Sao Paulo and they took our pictures and everything.  Well here we are!

And we were quoted.

My quote says something like, “I love the diversity of the products, the colors, etc., the happiness of the vendors.  We don’t have this in the U.S.”


4 Responses to “We’re Famous!”

  1. Carina said

    The article can be a beautiful poster in your N.Y. apartment!

  2. Edite said

    Brooke queridíssima, se não fosse por vc, eu nunca seria famosa!
    Que bom vc estar aqui, vamos sentir um tantão assim de saudades, mas o importante é que vcs vão continuar a se comunicar com a família agora, ´super-fácil, e-mail, iphone, etc….This will be great, do so!
    Volta logo, beijão

  3. Giovanna said


  4. Edite said

    Todos os nossos amigos “feirantes” compraram a revista e expuseram nas bancas, vc tinha que ver que legal que foi. It was a kind of our holliday.
    So interesting. Love you. They miss you too. Come back menina bonita.

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