Familia Brasileira

March 21, 2010

Yesterday morning, Edite pulled out a giant box of old letters and photos.  Most of the photos were from the 1950s and 1960s, and into the 70s from when Karen, Elen and Marjory were small.  The letters dated back to the mid-30s, written in Hebrew and Yiddish, a little in Portuguese.  They went from Poland to Brazil and most were between Edite’s grandfather and her father.

It was hard to get good pictures with my iphone, but it was such a window into this family.  I loved seeing the letters, in their perfect handwriting, through when the Nazis swept through Poland and the letters got returned.

There were also pictures of Edite when she was a baby, and a teenager with her family.

And of course there were pictures of the Traiman family with all of the girls.

And one of the most fun parts was seeing the correspondence between Scott’s family, his grandmother and grandfather and his great aunts and uncles, with Paulo and Edite.  There were notes from when the kids were born and pictures of one another at different bar mitzvahs and weddings.

Here’s Bob at his bar mitzvah, and the family at Saul’s bar mitzvah.

And Scott even made an appearance.

It’s amazing how well the families kept in touch.  We take email for granted but it makes it so much easier.  Paulo and Edite and Jose and Massi and all of Massi’s sisters and brothers all had to work harder to maintain the relationships, yet they were definitely there, in each other’s lives.  I’m excited that we’re able to help continue the closeness.  I hope that all of the kids, Mark and Gi and Alan and Izabella and Rafa feel comfortable enough to come stay with us in the US and then we’ll all get to stay friends.  Looking at all of these pictures, it feels very important.


2 Responses to “Familia Brasileira”

  1. marjory said

    so beautiful the things you wrote and you are so close right now
    great pictures

  2. Edite said

    If without e-mails, iphones, skypes, we could do all this difficult job I can imagine now ,how easy will be for you to keep this strong laces of family together!

    Dont´t forget that every party we had here, the US American´s cousins came. So did we.Pictures can prove it! This was a very ,very long and expensive way, things were not so “pres the bottom” “take a look at Google”, no GPS,no e-mails reservations and payments through internet,
    But” we are family!…

    That´s you´re turn.And knowing you, this will be a easy very easy lesson. You´re the One!

    Do so ! Now we are Lewy´s, Behar´s, Traiman´s and whoever wants to join. Our pleasure, be welcome!
    Try hard, we are so few, lets make a planet!

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