Brazilian Intimates

March 18, 2010

I know for some of you, this is too much information, more than you wanted to know about me, but I feel compelled to write about this, so–my apologies.  I think I’ve written about how Brazilian bathing suits, no matter how skimpy, stringy, non-existent they appear to be, are much more flattering that our more full-figured American ones.  They know how to cut, twist and tie small pieces of fabric. There’s no question.   It’s amazing that you can have half of your butt cheek hanging out of a bikini bottom and somehow, miraculously, you look great.  Better than you could have imagined.  So it shouldn’t be surprising, I guess, that Brazilian underwear is equally miraculous.  Karen shared with me that she loves Corpo de Arte, an underwear store here, and also shared her wisdom of bra fitting with me this morning.  Without going into detail, it’s amazing how much better I feel, how comfortable I am, how much I feel like my clothes fit and look better.  It’s such a simple thing, but it helps to explain why Brazilian women look so good all the time.


One Response to “Brazilian Intimates”

  1. Carina said

    Where is the store Brooke? Also I recommend the Loba seamless bra by Lupo, excellent for hot weather.

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