The Last Shabbat

March 13, 2010

We had a special night last night.  Everyone came to Paulo and Edite’s for shabbat dinner, and it was so good to see everyone after all of our travels.  Scott leaves on Sunday to go home.  I’m staying for another couple of weeks until my friend Lindsay visits, but in a lot of ways, last night felt like the end.  It’s hard to imagine that our experience here in Brazil is coming to a close, that we’re wrapping up.  In some ways, last night reaffirmed that it’s just done for now.  I’m so glad we invested in this country–saw a lot of it first hand and did our best to learn its language and it’s ways.  I was saying to Scott yesterday that I think we probably don’t even realize how used to living in Brazil we are.  The other day, when I went to the business school class at Insper, I was sitting at lunch with a few of the girls from Darden and was sort of in awe that there were so many native English speakers in one place.  I couldn’t believe the ease of the conversation, even if it wasn’t really about anything.  We realized when Lucy arrived that we hadn’t spoken face to face with a native English speaker since 2009.  That’s wild, no?  It will be sad to leave, but we know that we’ll be back.  And our wonderful, special cousins (to whom we gave annotated and marked up and flagged New York guide books with all of the things we love, and BR Guest restaurant gift certificates) already have plans to visit in the next couple of months.

We’re in the midst of making graduate school decisions, and we’ll have to see how everything goes, but it’s almost time for the next thing. Que saudades.


One Response to “The Last Shabbat”

  1. Edite said

    People sometimes can be such a surprise that you forget how to react!
    You can´t imagine how you and Scott made us fell last night …
    Thank you for beeing so kind and surprisingly….
    Vocês são o Máximo! Que bom terem vindo e nos dar a
    oportunidade de conhecê-los. Vão deixar muitas saudades, com certeza. Beijos !

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