Guest Blog

March 9, 2010

This post is from Lucy, a friend of Brooke and Scott’s. In fact, I introduced them, with the help of my sister Claire. I arrived in Sao Paulo on Friday morning and met them at the Hotel Tryp in Higienopolis.  The day of my arrival, we toured around the city, including Vila Madelena, where my brother used to live, and later had a drink at The Unique, a restaurant atop a building that looked like a watermelon, with astonishing views of the city. Drinks were followed by a fabulous dinner. All a perfect introduction to Brazil, On Saturday, after my sister and her friend Kate arrived we drove, (meaning, Scott drove) to Juquehy a beach town about two hours from Sao Paulo where we stayed for two nights at the La Plage, a new, very clean, and very picturesque hotel. Although Claire and Kate only had one night there, and the weather was iffy for them, we otherwise lucked out with sunny, idyllic days. Juquehy  is beautiful and sublimely restful. On the heels of what has been a somewhat stressful year for me, this trip has been a powerful affirmation of the rejuvenating power of long friendships and people who “get you,” particularly in Juquehy. This trip has also been incredibly special for me as it has allowed me to see two people whom I love who love each other and have a tightly connected relationship. Within the setting of this astonishingly beautiful country, the force of these connections is remarkable.

On Monday we drove back to Sao Paulo and stayed again at the Tryp, went to Figueira for a drink where we again met up with Claire and Kate (Figueira has a huge tree in the middle of it, and the restaurant is apparently built around it, que legal, as they say in Brazil). We had dinner at Balcao after the drink where we all sat at one long winding table with the other diners. At the end of the night, we returned to Claire and Kate’s hotel to have a drink.  Today, Tuesday, I met Scott’s cousins Edite and Paulo and then Scott, Brooke, and I had lunch at DOM, one of the nicest restaurants in the country and considered one of the best restaurants in the world. Amazing, although I was completely underdressed as I have to wear sneakers given my completely sunburned feet. This evening I return to the States, with Brooke and Scott not far behind me. It’s hard to digest a fantastic vacation while still technically on it, but I have enough perspective to know that this has been an experience that has allowed me time for, simultaneously, much self-reflection and new experiences, and I am incredibly grateful to Brooke and Scott for being wonderful hosts who have given me an unforgettable vacation.


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