On to Belo-Horizonte

February 26, 2010

We made it off Tinhare and away from Morro de Sao Paulo. We almost didn’t. After the bumpy VW ride to the edge of town, we hired a ‘taxi,’ a guy in a tank top and board shorts with a wheelbarrow, to cart our bags through the sandy town where cars aren’t allowed (and wouldn’t fit through the narrow passageways anyway). We arrived at the dock twenty minutes later to see the huge line for the boat we had to get on in order to make our flight to Belo-Horizonte this afternoon. We were both feeeling sick and dehydrated in the heat and ran down the pier to get on line for the catamaran. We were blocked at the gate by a guy who told us we had to stop and pay the dock tax. We paid a 10 reais island tax on the way over. Now we had to push through a mob of people to pay 62 centavos. Worst system ever. As we joined the line, it moved forward, until it stopped two people ahead of us. Apparently tickets are open ended and don’t correspond to a specific boat. After being pushier than I am comfortable being, we talked our way on. And here we are at the Salvador airport, excited to go see Marjory and Eduardo, Rafa and Izabella.


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