Our Ride

February 25, 2010

This is the vehicle we have been traveling most often back and forth to Morro de Sao Paulo.

Today was pretty uneventful, but we did go on a snorkeling expedition.  It rained for the first time since we’ve been here, and it was actually sort of cool.  Our oversized fiberglass bath tub of a boat, pale blue, filled with cool rain water and the drops punctuated the surface of the green water.  The reef and fish were pretty cool–black and white striped, electric blue and highlighter yellow, and the best part, we saw a full arcing rainbow trace the entire sky in a perfect semi-circle.


One Response to “Our Ride”

  1. Edite said

    Dizem que” quando 2 pessoas veêm um arco-iris inteiro e na mesma hora, elas ficarão juntas para
    Oxalá seja verdade.I hope so.

    Shabat Shalom
    Chag Purim Sameach
    beijos com saudades de vcs.

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