Lagoa do Paraíso

February 21, 2010

Lagoa do Paraíso had the most crystalline water I have ever seen.  Agua doce, as they call it here in Brazil, sweet water.  We had driven east on the buggy today, over the dunes and along the ocean in the other direction.  We coursed through the national park, pausing at a few other rain-made lakes, and then arrived at the Lagoa Paradiso.

At first it just looked big, trees and foliage rimming the edges.  Then we cut down off the snowy-white ‘road’ and tracked the border of the lake.  The waves lapped clear closest to the edge, and then a little more emerald until it retreated to the deep blue of the center water, reflecting the sky.  Yesterday buggy trip had included some weird development and too many barracas.  Here there were just some faded wood tables and chairs, some chaises, a thatched roof hut that sold cold drinks.  It was truly one of the most perfect places I have ever seen.  The sand had the color and consistency of sugar and the water was warm, yet still refreshing.  The sun shone and the waves lapped, and everything was clear.


3 Responses to “Lagoa do Paraíso”

  1. Giovanna said


  2. Perl said

    That place looks amazing!
    We are going to Fortaleza and Jericoacoara in January. Where is this place? Do you have some other recommendations :)?
    Greetings from Switzerland

    • meninanorio said


      I’m jealous that you’re going to Jericoacoara! I would say don’t spend any more time in Fortaleza than you have to on your way in and out of Jeri.

      I don’t know how we got to this lagoa–we stayed at Mosquito Blue and booked our buggy tour through them. Other recommendations–There’s a nice hike to the rock with a hole in it, definitely climb the big dune to watch the sunset, and there was a great restaurant on the main drag (hard to describe since all the streets are sand, but it was closer to the water and had a back kind of garden with lots of twinkle lights and tables in the sand and traditional Brazilian food…really magical.

      Have a great time!

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