Buggies? Boogie?

February 20, 2010

We took a buggy today over the dunes and through vast expanse of sand and eerie nothingness.  We passed through a town called Tatajuba, a little village really, that was swallowed by a dune, only the tops of the buildings visible through the sand, with Nova Tatajuba close by.

At one point, we turned left, off the highway of packed sand close to the ocean to a place where we had to cross a stretch of water.  Rather than building a bridge, there was a sort of ferry system set up.  There were men with hanging out on brightly colored wooden rafts who would pole buggies, cars and people across the shallow inlet.  They wore long sleeves to protect themselves from the sun, and they would place boards spaced the right distance across for the buggies and cars to drive up onto the rafts.  It seemed like a liability for sure.

Our buggy looked like that, too, but it was white.  After we crossed the channel, we came through this bizarre, beautiful area with leafless trees that had roots coming out of the middle of the trunks, almost at the same level as the branches.

In a place where nearly everything is shades of blue, or blueish green, and whitish beige, the quality of the light is so interesting.  During the day, everything is baked, bright, over exposed.  By sunset it takes on warmer hues.  It’s cool to watch the light shift on the dunes.

In our driving around, we saw huge dunes, and a surprising number of buggies and cars crisscrossing what we would assume to be nothingness.  Most of what we saw looked like this.

After coursing through the sand, we reached a lake in the middle of the desert, fresh, sweet, green water, crystal clear, in the middle of the dunes.  The amount of development and number of barracas was kind of weird for seemingly being in the middle of nowhere, but it was nice to take a dip.


3 Responses to “Buggies? Boogie?”

  1. Edite said

    Andar de buggie e depois……………………………nothing to declare.
    Come back soon.beijos com São Paulo ensolarado e crowdado (crowded +lotado) Love you .Scoot how are u?

  2. Karen said

    remember..buggy(?dont know either..rsrsr)without adventure!!
    Missing you guys!

  3. Carina said

    You need to see this movie after this trip: “Casa de areia”:

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