More Pictures

February 19, 2010

We just updated the ‘In Pictures’ section of the blog to include Pipa, Fortaleza and what we have of Jericoacoara so far.  I think Scott’s photos are just beautiful.

Yesterday afternoon, after lunch, we decided to go walk around the other side of the beach, around a small point in a direction we hadn’t gone yet.  The sand there was totally different, much redder and more coarse.  We cross the beach on that side and started climbing some trails that were webbed like red veins over a small mountain on the other end.  The ocean was down below on the left and the trails continued to snake through short little plants and giant cactuses for about an hour.  At one point Scott said he felt like a knight walking through these big open areas with no one around.  Eventually we got a lighthouse, painted bright white, and our destination, a famous rock with a hole in the middle where waves crashed through.  It was prehistoric looking and beautiful.  We came back a different way, and saw the mounds of white, moonish dunes the whole way back.


One Response to “More Pictures”

  1. Emily said

    Scott’s pictures are beautiful – I really like the one with the mother and child. I’m glad your trip took a 180. Have fun and say hi to Scott for me!

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